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No Wax Surf Traction

VersaTraction No Wax Surf Traction

VersaTraction is the no wax surf traction solution. Used by professional surfers around the world. VersaTraction is the best waxless surf traction available. Working like grip tape and applied similar to gripping a skateboard. VersaTraction is paper thin (less than 1mm thick) and reduces drag in the water. It won’t melt in the sun and you don’t need different temps. See what its like to be wax free.

Tough and Soft to the Touch

The highly durable polycarbonate / poly-elastomer blend that makes up VersaTraction. Is tolerant to UV exposure and heat. VersaTraction can withstand water and heat temperatures up to 342°F (172°C) and down to -20°F (-29°C). Allowing it to be used in different water temperatures. So there’s no need to buy different temps of surf wax. The non-abrasive diamond embossed textured surface is smooth and soft to the touch. Making your board slide in and out of your bag easy and with no waxy mess. You never have to scrape, comb or apply surf wax again. Peel ‘n stick you’re wax free, go surf.

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Paper Thin No Wax Surf Traction
VersaTraction Smooth in and out of the board bag.

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VersaTraction & Kahuna Grip traction is born from surfing. Our traction and tread products are revolutionizing the non-skid industry with our high resolution graphic-capable, peel n’ stick applications that dramatically reduce slip and fall accidents. Made with patented hydro hold material, which contains millions of microscopic surface fractures. When these fractures get wet, they grip feet like little suction cups to prevent slipping. VersaTraction’s anti-slip properties double when wet, work in soapy/oily water and are family safe.