Water Sports Traction Grip by VersaTraction

VersaTraction is Born From Surfing.

Our products are revolutionizing the non-skid industry with our high resolution graphic-capable, peel n’ stick applications that dramatically reduce slip and fall accidents. Made with patented hydro hold material, which contains millions of microscopic surface fractures. When these fractures get wet, they grip feet like little suction cups to prevent slipping. VersaTraction’s anti-slip properties double when wet, work in warm or cold water. We offer a wide selection of water sports traction grip to choose from.

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VersaTraction Surfboard Traction Grip Tail Pads

Surfboard Waxless Traction Kits & Surf Tail Pads


VersaTraction SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Traction and Paddle Grip

SUP Waxless Deck Traction Kits & Paddle Grips


VersaTraction Flowboarding Traction and Grip

Flowboarding Flowrider Traction Kits & Grip


VersaTraction Kiteboard Traction and Grip

Kiteboard Waxless Deck Traction Kits & Grip


VersaTraction Wakesurf Traction and Grip

Wakesurf Waxless Deck Traction Kits & Grip


VersaTraction Marine Boat Dock Traction Tread Grip

Boat Deck, Dock & Marine Traction

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Showing 1–25 of 49 results