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VersaTraction is a High Energy Kinetic Friction Surface Force!

VersaTraction Flowboard Traction Kits

VersaTraction is a high energy kinetic friction surface force that can help stop motion. That’s right, here is some science behind VersaTraction and Kahuna Grip products. describes kinetic friction as…“Kinetic friction force applies to an object that is moving, and is otherwise known as sliding friction. This is the force that opposes sliding motion”. VersaTraction’s microscopic textured surface and diamond embossed pattern maximize kinetic friction, increasing traction helping stop sliding motion.

Highly Durable Traction

VersaTraction has no artificial by-products or abrasive minerals that make up the anti-slip properties of the traction; it is simply made up of a highly durable polycarbonate / poly-elastomer blend (the same stuff bullet proof glass is made from). VersaTraction’s high resolution graphic-capable adhesive surface dramatically increases kinetic friction. Reducing slipping and loss of grip.

VersaTraction is a patented non-abrasive diamond embossed traction surface engineered into a film and laminated to a conformable, non-residual adhesive. VersaTraction is less than 1mm thick reducing drag when used in the water. VersaTraction is highly tolerant to UV exposure and can withstand water / heat temperatures up to 342°F (172°C) and down to -20°F (-29°C).

Anti-Slip Properties Double When Wet

VersaTraction’s anti-slip properties double when wet. VersaTraction was given an Advanced Technology Testing and Research / ATTAR “R11” rating (One of the Highest Oil and Wet Non-Slip Resistance Scores Given), an “F” rating (The Highest Rating Given) in the Wet Pendulum Test, a “B” (The Highest Rating Given) in the Wet Barefoot Test and has passed all ASTM International tests. VersaTraction is used by some of the world’s best water sport athletes, families, individuals, and businesses.

Give VersaTraction a try and see for yourself how well our products work. Contact us for information about Custom Graphics and Custom Cut Shapes for your traction needs.

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VersaTraction & Kahuna Grip traction is born from surfing. Our traction and tread products are revolutionizing the non-skid industry with our high resolution graphic-capable, peel n’ stick applications that dramatically reduce slip and fall accidents. Made with patented hydro hold material, which contains millions of microscopic surface fractures. When these fractures get wet, they grip feet like little suction cups to prevent slipping. VersaTraction’s anti-slip properties double when wet, work in soapy/oily water and are family safe.