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VersaTraction SUP Wax Alternative

VersaTraction No Wax Surf Traction

VersaTraction stand up paddle board traction is the best no wax SUP grip available. The SUP Wax Alternative VersaTraction is made in the USA. Waxless all temperature SUP traction that works in warm or cold water. VersaTraction SUP traction comes in a paper thin variant that’s less than 1mm thick and also bonded to 1/16″ foam padding. Allowing for multiple uses across the deck of your SUP board. You can use it as a SUP traction pad or SUP grip tape. VersaTraction SUP traction can be easily trimmed to a custom fit for your SUP board. It gives your board the cleanest look possible, doesn’t melt in the sun or get sand stuck in it. Applied similar to gripping a skateboard deck with grip tape. Peel ‘n stick VersaTraction to your clean SUP board. Then go for a rip. VersaTraction is tough but, when you’re done with it, just peel it off. The non-residual adhesive leaves no mess behind on your SUP board. Shop VersaTraction SUP Traction.

Custom SUP Wax Alternative VersaTraction

VersaTraction SUP traction comes in pre-cut options and can also be custom ordered. No matter the length of your SUP board. We have five different pre-cut SUP traction pad kits to choose from. VersaTraction SUP traction is available in SUP 10′ Traction Kit, SUP 12′ Traction Kit, SUP Nose Traction Kit, SUP Middle Traction Kit, and SUP Tail Traction Kit. Contact us for custom stand up paddle board printed graphics, images or logos.

VersaTraction No Wax Surf Traction Kits
Paper Thin No Wax Surf Traction
VersaTraction Smooth in and out of the board bag.