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Kahuna Grip Mats and Traction

The adhesive backing on Kahuna Grip bathmats and traction treads seals on tight, yet it peels off so easy! No residue, no film. Normal bathmats and traction treads grow bacteria and mold. Kahuna Grip is like a transparent shield, never discolors, and repels mold and bacteria! It’s the perfect bath mat for bathtubs, walk in tubs, jacuzzi’s, pools, anyplace that gets wet.

Kahuna Grip Bath Mats and Traction Treads where originally invented to keep surfers feet locked in so they wouldn’t slip on wet surfboards. Kahuna Grip has now been proven so effective, it is becoming a standard to keep surfers from sliding off their boards… and will keep you from slipping in your bath tub, shower, or Jacuzzi.

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Showing 1–16 of 23 results