VersaTraction 2″ x 9″ Marine & Industrial Step Treads

VersaTraction™ 2″x9″ Marine Industrial 6 piece step treads by VersaTraction™ is your ideal DIY peel n’ stick safety traction tread. Non-slip VersaTraction™ safety traction treads are easy to install, easy to clean, made of anti-bacterial, no-mold, non-abrasive materials.



Born from surfing and originally invented to keep surfers feet locked in so they won’t slip on wet surfboards. VersaTraction™ 2″ x 9″ Marine &amp: Industrial Treads are the only traction treads you’ll ever need. VersaTraction™ traction treads are your ideal peel n’ stick, non-slip bath and shower traction treads. VersaTraction™ traction treads are ultra-thin, easy to install, easy to clean, soft to the touch, and made of anti-bacterial no mold, non-abrasive materials. The embossed diamond-shaped micro-pattern design of VersaTraction™ creates directional stability and friction. It improves the performance of wet-grip and its wet friction properties double when wet. This greatly increases traction and grip in humid or wet environments. Giving you high adhesion to the surface and helping keep you safe in potentially dangerous wet areas. The micro-pattern design of VersaTraction™ has supreme drainage characteristics when it comes in contact with your wet feet or skin. When VersaTraction™ gets wet, the fractures of the micro-pattern surface grip feet like little suction cups to prevent slipping.

VersaTraction™ is tested and proven to work. VersaTraction™ has been given an Advanced Technology Testing and Research / ATTAR “R11” rating (One of the Highest Oil and Wet Non-Slip Resistance Scores Given), an “F” rating (The Highest Rating Given) in the Wet Pendulum Test, a “B” (The Highest Rating Given) in the Wet Barefoot Test and have passed all ASTM International tests. VersaTraction™ is durable and highly tolerant to UV exposure. It can withstand water / heat temperatures (342°F / 172°C / 445.372K) to (-20°F / -29°C / 244.216K).

Apply VersaTraction™ Treads at Your Own Risk, not recommended for removal after application on natural, painted or stained wood surfaces. Hand wash and spot clean as needed.

  • • Made From US Patented Ultra-Thin VersaTraction™, Hydro-Hold Non-Slip Safety Material
  • • Non-Slip Traction Properties Double When Wet
  • • Ultra-Thin, Less Than 1mm Thick
  • • Reduces Slipping, Tripping and Falling
  • • Highly Durable Poly-Blend with No Artificial By-Products
  • • Soft to the Touch and Non-Abrasive
  • • Odor, Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • • UV Fade Resistant, Digitally Printed Graphics, Images, and Colors
  • • Works Well in Warm or Cold Water
  • • Family Safe
  • • Tested and Proven
  • • Easy to Install and Easy to Clean
  • • Conformable, Non-Residual Removable Adhesive (No Mess When Removed)