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Kahuna Grip Mat Reviews

Kahuna Grip Bath Mat Reviews

Here’s what our customers have to say about Kahuna Grip bath mats and shower mats. We’ve gathered just some of the great Kahuna Grip mat reviews and have listed them below. People who’ve used Kahuna Grip mats know how good it feels to feel safe in their bath tub or shower. Having the right bath tub mat or shower mat will help you avoid an unwanted slips. Go to, Shop Kahuna Grip to get your Kahuna Grip bath tub or shower mat now.

Kahuna Grip Bath Mat & Shower Mat Reviews

I’ve tried so many bathtub mats over the years and have been disappointed with all of them. The suction cups don’t stick, they don’t stay in place, they are difficult to clean, etc. etc. So, when I saw this peel and stick mat I decided to give it a try. As others have mentioned, it could be a little larger, but when strategically placed, it covers the area needed. The main concern I had was whether soap and shampoo would cause it to become slippery. Well, I am happy to report that they do not! I only regret not finding this mat sooner! It works as advertised, looks nice, is easy to clean, and I highly recommend it!


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I was worried when I received the thin mat that looked like wallpaper but It is study , non-slip and attractive. I love it. I had heard it advertised but I was still skeptical.. It lived up to its reputation and it is an asset to the bathtub ambience.


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Such a great mat. I put them in all bath tubs in the house, and the bathroom floors. Remarkable grip!


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I love this shower mat. I could never find one that would stay in place and this one does the trick. My tub floor is very slick and I was always worried about falling.


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This shower mat does its job. Its thin you cant even feel its there and it does not peel off. Love this!

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